Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sawadee khrup and Welcome!

I am as new to creating a blog as I am to Peace Corps service. With luck, I'll be able to create something here that will serve as an effective vehicle to inform those of you who are interested what is going on 8000 +/- miles away, give me a way to post pictures and generally keep in touch with you, my friends and family, back home.

I am about 50 days away from being "wheels up"... on the plane heading toward a 2-day orientation here in the States, followed by 3 months of training in-country and then 2 years of service, all in Thailand. At this point. I am not certain where specifically in Thailand I will be assigned or exactly what my responsibilities will be. I will get this information periodically as my training progresses and I will post it here as circumstances and opportunities permit.

I am being told that while in Thailand I will have internet and email access. It may be at my fingertips on a daily basis...or I may have to ride a bicycle 10 miles to get to it. So, as of now, I have no idea how regular my postings here will be.

Between now and January 20, my tentative departure date, I will post and disseminate other pertinent information here as it comes available to me. Please check back here ocassionally. There is a party being planned in January. I will post information about that here as the details are worked out.

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting. I hope to hear from everyone...often...with word of the Indians' World Series Championship(s), the Browns' Super Bowl triumph(s), the Buckeyes' National Championships and even some non-fiction like how life is in Central Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Lorain, New York and anywhere and everywhere else my friends may be.

Khop khun mahk khrup (Thank you very much) and Pom khit theung khun mahk. (I miss you all very much).

Peace Corps Thailand Group 120


Anonymous said...

Dale,Nice job,good idea.Looks good.

Dale-Peace Corps Thailand said...

Thanks, Pop. It's a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making us a part of your list. We are anxious to hear of your adventures, and be able to keep in touch with you.
God Bless
Don & JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new adventure! I'm looking forward to hearing all the details.
Take care,

Marci Webber said...

Nice blog, Dale. Had no idea you were so talented : )
Will be thinking of you and giggling at images of you in one of those straw hats!
God bless you, Dale.

Terreece M. Clarke said...

Wow Dale!

I wrote about a king size bed and am ending up with a two year cross continental relationship. You've got me hooked!

Good luck, God Bless! Represent us well over there.

Tammy said...

Hi Dale!
Looking forward to seeing thailand through your eyes!
Stay safe! and I hope to see you before you leave.

Anonymous said...


Let us try not to let this BLOG get to be as cheeky as The Friar's Order ... so NO limmerick contests!

Shall we get together for one more cheeseburger and beer?

You pal, Randy

Anonymous said...

Dale, dear,

I'm glad you're going to blog - it'll seem like you're still around, somehow.

My son wants to know what you're doing with the car . . .

Unknown said...

I am also going to be leaving with you for Thailand! I am doing TCCO and I was trying to find some people that I was going to go with! I would love to see how you are feeling about things and I cant wait to meet you.

Sherri A. Hill

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your message! Aren't you the resourceful one? Hmmmmm...that just might come in handy!

It is hard to express how thrilled I am about this. I have tremendous support from friends and family and I am enjoying every minute of the preparations. Any trepidation, anxiety or fear I may have had has long since been replaced with excitement, with the thrill of the challenge and the certainty of life-changing experiences.

Congratulations to you! Looking forward to meeting you also.

"Where are the frontiers? How do I get there?"

Anonymous said...

You've come a long way from driving a white Chevy-Luv pickup with a hole in your boots and throwing snowballs at the cops in the parking lot at your brother's wedding reception. (I see a message here from JoAnn - Hi JoAnn!! She's the one responsible!!) I wish you the best in Thailand. - You know who.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm....Me? Throwing snowballs at the cops??? Pshaw! I can't believe it. But if I did, there must have been a tad of alcohol involved and well, they must have deserved it...probably...somehow. Oh to be young and restless and full of adventure (reckless)...I'm glad I grew out of THAT phase.

I still have those boots by the way...and they still have holes in them. Go figure.

Nice to hear from you, "You know who".